A Message from The Residence Group President

Since its formation in 1989, The Residence Group’s mission statement has been to undertake our best effort to provide an affordable, comfortable, and safe respite for our tenants here in the wonderful community of Cloverdale. Like everyone, our knowledge of COVID-19 is limited to what we read and see in the news related to this unfolding and fluid crisis. But in an effort to be proactive while medical professionals learn more about preventive and counter measures, our staff is implementing several important measures internally, and we are requesting cooperation from you as well as any guests or visitors that may come onto the premises to visit you.

First of all, we will not enter any dwelling to perform requested or preventive maintenance without wearing protective disposable gloves. We were able to acquire a 60 day supply of latex gloves and sanitizing products before panic-buying resulted in essentially no available supply. That means that our staff and office visitors will have access to, and will frequently use, germ killing sanitizers, soaps, aerosol disinfectants, etc. and will wash our hands as well as suspend hand shaking or touching. We will strive to maintain social distancing as much as possible while we have the ability to use these products.

Our office will remain open, however we are suspending all apartment showings and will be exclusively marketing and doing lease administration online during the next several business days. If you need us you can contact us through our website or email us at residencegroupmgm@gmail.com.

Secondly, if you are exhibiting sustained signs of fever or possible contamination, seek immediate medical attention and limit all outside contact. Please suspend all maintenance requests until you have completely recovered and have been cleared by a medical professional. If you reside in a building that has shared interior corridor access, then you MUST notify our office so we can alert your immediate neighbors and implement further measures. We reserve the right to designate either a front or back access to your unit as your only emergency egress, so we can isolate and hopefully contain the spread of this or any similar colds or viruses.

We will be wiping down or spraying corridor handrails, doorknobs, keypads, etc. daily during the crisis and will appreciate everyone acting in a responsible manner while using the common areas. Please consider your neighbors in everything you do when coming and going from your apartment. Cough or sneeze into the interior of your elbow, maintain social distancing, do not unnecessarily touch hard surfaces, and just use good common sense!

Also, please DO NOT put unbagged or unsealed garbage in the dumpster or city garbage cans. You can still find supplies of kitchen and household garbage bags in stores and we implore you to use them. If you ignore this request, then you are potentially putting your neighbors at risk.

Together, our little community, neighborhood, city, state, and nation will get through this. We don’t need to panic but we do need to thoughtfully consider behavioral changes that, frankly, should probably be continued long after this crisis has passed. And please know that each and every one of you and your family members are most important to us. We live and work right here with you, and we want all of us to be able to live comfortably and safely together.

Be safe and may God bless and protect you!

Rick Hansen
The Residence Group, Inc.